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Your DiSC Style

Click on "Learn about your style" from the Catalyst home page and read through the information. 

As you read the Your DiSC Style page think about 

  1. what seems right on target “AHA”, 
  2. what doesn't quite ring true “HMM”, 
  3. and what makes you reconsider things “WHOA”.  

You can download and use the handout in the next section to make notes, or make notes directly on your printed profile report.  

AHA: These are reactions that elicit an aha or of course reaction. This might be a reaction to something you already knew, but just hadn't expressed or understood in quite the same way the report presents. Or it might be a “no wonder“ or “this is why” type of reaction.

HMM: Some statements may cause you to stop and wonder. It might be about the accuracy of the statement, or it could be a question that occurs to you while reading.

WHOAThis is a reaction that stops you in your tracks. It might be something that challenges your current way of thinking or something you want to question.

Style Podcast 

Learn More About Your Style Characteristics via the Audio podcast, available for download on Catalyst.  Here you can learn more about characteristics, emotional needs and and behavioural preferences of persons with your DiSC Style.