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Guide: Returning to Catalyst to View Your Profile

Now that you have completed your Everything DiSC assessment, you can explore your profile, learn more about DiSC and see strategies for dealing with other DiSC styles.

Catalyst will provide you access to the following and more:

  • Your DiSC Style: A narrative-style summary of a learner’s DiSC style with access to style-specific podcasts. 
  • Workplace: Personalized content on 
    • What Drives You
    • You and Other Styles
    • Build BetterRelationships 
  • Your Colleagues: A comparison capability that allows learners to find their colleagues and get tips for better interactions using DiSC®
  • DiSCology: Basic information about DiSC theory and research

Returning to Catalyst

You can return to Catalyst at any time, via the website to explore your results. 

Enter your email address, click Continue.


Enter the password you used when you created your account on Catalyst to take your assessment , and click “Sign In”


Forgot Your Password? If you enter an incorrect password, Catalyst will display the following message:

Request to Reset Password If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot Password“ link. Catalyst will prompt you to enter your email address and click Submit. You will be notified that an email is on its way to help you reset your password.

Viewing Your Colleagues’ DiSC Styles

Wait, with Catalyst you can see DiSC styles for other people? Am I visible to everybody who takes an assessment?  

No, the Catalyst platform limits information sharing so that only individuals within an organization have access to one another. This feature allows learners to take advantage of the power of DiSC immediately by finding their colleagues and gaining actionable tips for improved interactions.  

Privacy Feature

Sharing with colleagues allows them to see your DiSC® information and for you to see theirs. This enables you to compare DiSC styles and explore strategies for working together. You have the option to make your information private. 

To get the most out of your Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ experience, we recommend that you share with colleagues.

To opt out, go to your “Account Settings” in the menu structure, choose the “Privacy” tab, and select “Off” under “Share with colleagues.” You will be hidden from others in the Colleagues section and will also be unable to see the DiSC information of others in the organization. Any time you return to the Colleagues section, you will have the option to turn sharing back on to take advantage of this feature.

 Exploring the Platform

Take a short tour of the Catalyst platform in this short video.


Head to Catalyst and explore your profile:

Remember to Bookmark the page so that you can easily access at anytime:

Printing Reports
Learn how to download a pdf version of your profile report in the next video.