Pre-Requisite for Exploring Your EQ Mindsets Feedback Session

Pre-Requisite for Exploring Your EQ Mindsets Feedback Session

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Use this free self-paced course is a pre-requisite for learners who will be engaging in a personal feedback session to explore their EQ mindsets as identified by an Everything DiSC Agile EQ Assessment.  Learners go on a guided exploration of their profile results before the feedback session to encourage richer insights and discussion.

Participant Take-Aways

  • Discover their DiSC Style
  • Discover the instinctive mindsets that shape their responses and interactions
  • Recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally to them

Catalyst Learning Platform:

In addition to having access to The Engine Room and its resources, learners get unlimited access to Everything DiSC's Catalyst learning platform before and after their feedback session.  Catalyst is a personalized learning platform, designed to help learners develop the social and emotional know-how for more effective interactions at work. It also provides opportunity for them to connect with other colleagues on the platform, and gain real-time tips to improve interactions.


Contact us to purchase an Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst profile, or shop directly via our online store:

Course content

videoPreparing for Your Session
videoCourse Outline
videoDiSC Style Characteristics
videoWhat is Emotional Intelligence
videoIntroducing Everything DiSC Agile EQ
videoUnderstanding Emotional Intelligence with DiSC
videoDeveloping Emotional Intelligence with DiSC
videoAccess Catalyst
videoDownload a pdf of your DiSC report
videoLearn More About DiSCology
videoYour DiSC Style Story
videoDownload Your Style Story Handout
videoYour EQ Mindsets
videoMoving Beyond Your Comfort Zone
Audra Stevenson Drakes

Audra Stevenson Drakes


Course Instructor

Certified Everything DiSC Practitioner

Audra Stevenson Drakes has gained significant practical experience in diverse fields throughout her career. 
Originally educated as a Physicist, her career has woven together skills in Executive Leadership, Human Resources, Project Management, Facilitation, Training, Hotel Management and Engineering. She specialises in Process Design for Group Meetings and Organisational Development; Facilitation of Training and Group Interactions; Visual Recording; and Human Resources Advisory Services.