Exploring the Work of Leaders using the VAE Model

Exploring the Work of Leaders using the VAE Model

Do the leaders in your organisation understand and deliver on their fundamental responsibilities? 

In the book, The Work of Leaders by Julie Straw, Mark Scullard, Susie Kukkonen and Barry Davis, the authors concluded after six years of research and surveying thousands of persons, that Leaders have three fundamental responsibilities: They craft a vision, they build alignment, and they champion execution. All three are important, and they are all a part of a dynamic fluid process, requiring skills that can be developed. 


The authors define leadership as a “one to many relationship” as opposed to management, which is a “one to one relationship”. 

They define each component as follows: 

- Crafting a Vision: imagining an improved future state that the group will make a reality through its work 

- Building Alignment: getting to the point where everyone in the group understands and is committed to the direction 

- Championing Execution: ensuring that the conditions are present for the imagined future to be turned into a reality 

When you think about organisations that have exhibited success, and you look at their leaders, you can see the VAE process in play. Those staying ahead of the field, think Apple, Google, Microsoft, Walmart, Amazon, are often the ones with bold new ideas and are able to build and maintain large companies able to harness these ideas into successful realities. 

So how developed are the VAE leadership skills in your organisation? Do you know where skill gaps may lie collectively and individually? 

Everything DiSC has developed an assessment to identify those areas for training and development. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders brings together best practices from 300 experts in over 150 organizations, the work of some prominent scholars, including the authors of the Work of Leaders, and over four years of additional research and development to provide participants with an actionable path toward more effective leadership. 

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile provides detailed, context-specific feedback based on the Vision, Alignment, and Execution framework and the three drivers associated with each step. In this 23-page profile, participants will receive personalized strategies for:

  1. Crafting a Vision through exploration, boldness, and testing assumptions
  2. Building Alignment through clarity, dialog, and inspiration
  3. Championing Execution through momentum, structure, and feedback


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Audra Stevenson

Article by Audra Stevenson

Published 28 Aug 2023